Alison Harley

1963 Scrapbook

The scrapbook was saved by John MacKenzie who was Assistant and then Head Designer for Ladies Wear at Bernat Klein Ltd (1963 - 1971).

This is one example of many books that were created by Bernat Klein and Jeremy Hooker (ex-Royal College of Art and part of Klein's design studio until 1965), recording the press coverage gained by Bernat Klein internationally as well as locally. In 1962 Klein had appointed Peter Lumley from a London-based PR company, whose success in gaining publicity can be seen in the range of material collected in the scrapbook, including an Elle Magazine press cutting of Chanel's suit featuring Klein's mohair tweed for her Spring 1963 collection. John MacKenzie has kindly donated the Bernat Klein scrapbook to the Bernat Klein Foundation for reference throughout the project, 'Securing the Creative & Cultural Legacy of Bernat Klein'.