Alison Harley

Bernat Klein Foundation x Kestin

'Everything comes from something. You have to look back to look forward.' Kestin Hare, 2021.

Kestin Hare, 2021

The film captures the story of Kestin’s discovery of Bernat Klein, and the strong parallels between both in their design practice. Although some fifty years apart, both designers are driven by an intuitive understanding of colour, and its central role in their creative process.

Kestin discusses his own and Klein’s responses to colour - Kestin’s internal visualisation of colour - and Klein’s innovative ideas about colour.

The film shows the strong connection for Kestin to Klein, especially in his commentary about the set of six Personal Colour Guides, which were created by Klein in 1965.

Bernal klein's personal colour guides

Scotland continues to provide inspiration for Kestin, echoing Klein’s own love of the landscape of his adopted country. As a post-war European émigré, Klein had established himself and his company 'Colourcraft' by 1952 in the Scottish Borders . A few years later the commission by Klein for the design of his family home High Sunderland by modernist architect and friend Peter Womersley, was completed in 1957.

High Sunderland collection

The Kestin collections ‘High Sunderland’ and ‘Colourcraft’ of 2021, pay homage to Bernat Klein and spotlight a personal admiration of Klein’s modernist aesthetic.

'Klein was creating a modern Scotland'

The insightful comment by Kestin about Klein, has become the mantle carried forward by Kestin and his company in their exploration for each new collection.

The film ‘Process to Product’ has contributed to the project ‘Bernat Klein: a material exploration for new digital content' supported by Creative Scotland.

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