Alison Harley

2020 Bernat Klein Foundation Award

'Roots' by Camille Lemoine and Pauline Lischke

The Award

A panel representing the Trustees selected Camille Lemoine and Pauline Lischke as recipients of the award as their work shows a new and contemporary aesthetic, supported by an in-depth study of the work and life of Bernat Klein in the Scottish Borders.

'Sprout' is Camille and Pauline's Research Book that shows the research and development of their ideas.

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The following images are extracts from Camille and Pauline's book 'Roots', and which are accompanied by their individual reflections on participating in the project.

To view 'Roots' please click on the link at the end of this article.

inspired by bernat klein and his life

experiment and remain open-minded

As a researcher, learning about Bernat Klein has taught me that museum resources such as archive visits are able to give me a more personal insight into my subject matter.

Rather than solely looking forward, studying the past in great detail has also helped me develop more innovative approaches to my work.

Camille Lemoine, May 2020

One of the most important things I've learned both as a researcher and as creative during this project is to experiment and remain open-minded.

A flexible approach lets through more information and embraces different perspectives.

Pauline Lischke, May 2020

the powerful narrative of an image

As my research became more in-depth, I found the designer and his life to be of great inspiration, teaching me to step outside of my comfort zone when researching. As a creative I have learnt both from researching Bernat Klein and from my project partner.

Working under an aesthetic different to my own has pushed me to be experimental in new ways and to pay more attention to detail and use of white space.

Camille Lemoine, May 2020

attention to detail and use of white space

Bernat Klein was genuinely obsessed with colour and was quoted saying,

I think that colour is so important to our lives, more so than words.

When arriving in Scotland, he was bored by a dull palette that dominated traditional tartans. He was innovative in his textile design by using brighter, more vibrant colour choices inspired by Scottish nature around him.

Pauline Lischke, May 2020

vibrant colour choices

Creating consistent work throughout - from layout and writing style to how we edited the images - has also emphasised how important it is to maintain a constant flow within a publication.

constant flow

Comparing contemporary photography to Klein’s fashion editorials also proved to me how powerful the narrative of an image can be - and how photography is able to shape people’s perceptions of others.

I also believe that learning about the Border’s history in relation to fashion is important, giving me a greater understanding of why our university is located in Galashiels.

Camille Lemoine, May 2020

our recreation and innovation

To look at Bernat Klein’s designs and combine his artwork with our understanding of contemporary styling, is our recreation and innovation, and something that he aimed to achieve throughout his whole life.

We had the opportunity to design something new based on his values and ideas.

I enjoyed being able to take a closer look at nature and my surroundings. After this project, I value the Scottish Borders and their original beauty more highly. We wanted to recognise this in our work and imagery and reimagine our surroundings as if we were looking through Bernat Klein's eyes.

Pauline Lischke, May 2020

to reimagine our surroundings as if we were looking through Bernat Klein's eyes

To view Camille and Pauline's book 'Roots' please follow the link: