Bernat Klein and Colour

A one-day workshop developed by artists Andrew Mackenzie and Gavin Wood.


Inspired by colour in the design and artistic practice of Bernat Klein, the onsite workshop at Borders College introduced his ideas and working processes, as well as those early influences that shaped Klein's use of colour.

Introduction to the workshop, September 2021

This in turn supported the development of individual expressions of colour throughout the workshop.

objects and colour inspiration

Still-life objects provided a focus for colour experimentations alongside observational drawing exercises.

monochrome drawing from still life

colour studies

Still life studies, individual colour, and colour relationships.

Throughout the workshop, individual colour ideas were developed using the still life objects and their colour 'assemblages'.

colour exercises

Colour exercises using painting and collage, explored the principles of colour theory, alongside Bernat Klein's unique vision and colour systems, which he developed throughout his career as a textile designer, artist and colourist.

Every-day sources of inspiration.

still life subject matter

observational drawing

applying the concept of Pointillism

the 'everyday' object as colour inspiration

some examples from the one-day workshop

group q&a and discussion

The workshop concluded with a display of work and Q&A session. Everyone was encouraged to discuss their workshop experience, and the range of individual colour ideas inspired by the work of Bernat Klein.

practice and process

The 'Bernat Klein and Colour' Workshop

- Through a set of practical exercises, the workshop introduces painting and collage, as processes to explore colour theory and the concept of 'Pointillism', adapted by Bernat Klein for his innovative 1960s woven textile designs.

- In setting a context for practical exercises, the workshop also introduces Bernat’s Klein career and his impact within the Borders textile industry, alongside his lifetime practice as an artist and colourist.

practitioner-led workshops

The Bernat Klein Foundation would like to thank Andrew Mackenzie and Gavin Wood, and acknowledge the work by the student groups at Borders College in piloting the workshop 'Bernat Klein and Colour', in September 2021.

If you would like more information on the workshop as a one-day introduction to 'Bernat Klein and Colour', please email

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