2023 SPRING + SUMMER WORKSHOP: Creativity & Entrepreneurship

The workshop has been developed for the Foundation by Maija Nygren, who is an independent knitwear designer based in Edinburgh.


10.00AM - 4.30PM

The one-day workshops are taking place in the following venues. To book a place on a workshop, please click on this link.

Borders Textile Towerhouse Hawick Scottish Borders - 22 April

House for an Art Lover Glasgow - 17 June

UHI Perth - 22 June

UHI Outer Hebrides - 30 June

UHI Orkney - 3 July

UHI Shetland - 27 July

The workshop explores the creative partnership between Margaret and Bernat Klein, and their shared dedication in developing the International brand of Bernat Klein. Integrated practical sessions explore colour ideas, with an opportunity for informal discussion on individual creative practice.

Bernat klein yarns for hand-knitting designs by Margaret Klein, courtesy of NMS

Examples are drawn from the Klein archive collections at National Museums Scotland and Heriot-Watt University, as well as the 'handling collection' of private donations to the Foundation.

NMS archive visit, courtesy of nms

Some key topics explored in the workshop are -

Why did Bernat Klein create a textile business?

What influenced his vision?

What was the motivation behind his textile innovations that could help to re-envision the way textiles are designed and constructed today?

During the workshop Maija shares her creative process, and the way in which the work of Bernat and Margaret Klein has inspired her use of colour and pattern in developing new design ideas.

Throughout the workshop there is an opportunity to discuss and share individual creative practice, the motivation behind building a business, and common challenges.

Practical sessions are designed to encourage the spontaneous exploration of colour through yarn wraps, colour threading, colour combs and 'colour throwing'.

maija nygren

If you would like to find out more about the workshop led by Maija, please contact