'Ink Two Ways' with Claire Beattie | Visual Artist

An 80-minute workshop for 8 - 14 year olds that explores the work of Bernat Klein. Using 'ink in two ways', the workshop uses colour and textures to create a range of prints, which are inspired by Bernat Klein.


rolling out coloured inks

Monotypes - the process

Using water-based block printing inks in a range of colour-ways, explore rolling out ink onto clear acrylic sheets in single colours, gradually adding more colour to the surface.

mono printing

Make marks with natural forms such as leaves and twigs, old paintbrushes, sponges, string, and bubble wrap to add interest to the surface. Using this surface, print onto paper to create colourful and textural monotypes. Take second prints from the surface to make 'ghost' images.

"The workshop was fun and I learned lots of new ways of doing things"

found objects

"Printing was mysterious, as I didn't know what was going to happen"

early experiments

Ink Marbling - the process

Explore the colours that are created by using oil-based ink and water as a printing surface. By dropping ink into trays of water and onto paper, make a set of individual 'marbled' prints.

playing with ideas

"Really good fun!" "Messy!" "Extraordinary!"

playing with ink and colour

We would be delighted to hear from you if the workshop is of interest to you, and your organisation.

an inclusive workshop for all levels of interest and abilities

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